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Ruskin Mill College was founded over 16 years ago with an algae-covered pond, a broken mill wheel and a building in need of major restoration. Spearheaded by Aonghus Gordon, director, and a small group of young craftspeople, the buildings were prepared for the first intake of students who also participated in the early stages of creating an Educational and Cultural Centre

Today Ruskin Mill College is a vibrant place of learning with over 80 students providing an innovative and experiential education for young people with special learning needs aged between 16-24 years. The College is now based in 100 acres of beautiful wooded valley, fishery and farmland where each student takes part in an individual programme designed to enable them to make the most of their own potential.

Social and interpersonal skills are developed through small intensive groups working together in craft workshops, on the land, drama, storytelling, music, one to one counselling and therapy sessions. Basic and continuing education, work experience and vocational training are all available and courses are accredited by a wide range of national organisations. Students are able to progress to GCSE, NVQ or equivalent vocational qualifications both at Ruskin Mill College, Glasshouse College and through local colleges.

Ruskin Mill College provides a range of residential settings for students which allows them to progress and develop their independent learning skills and personal relationships during their time at the college. Residential services provides households, properties owned or rented within local communities, which are run by residential care workers who oversee each students individual Care Plan. Residential services can also provide a range of living opportunities that offers greater levels of independence and integration into community life.

As Ruskin Mill is also a Centre for Cultural Development, students can experience a range of artistic expression from visiting artists, lectures, exhibitions and other local programmes and festivals as well as interacting with the public by working in the Ruskin Mill Coffee Shop. As traditional crafts are incorporated into their curriculum, students will experience working and producing items in small commercial workshops which includes glassblowing, glass cutting, weaving, rug making, stained glass, woodwork, pottery, jewellery, stone carving, bronze casting, blacksmithing, photography, bike maintenance and printing.

Students can participate in and help produce the Run of the Mill Magazine which is published at the end of each term. Run of the Mill Magazine carries features, articles, reviews of History of Art trips abroad, poetry, art, stories and fun features that reflects life and activities at both Ruskin Mill and Glasshouse Colleges.

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  Introduction  |  Map  |  A Short Tour  |   Run of the Mill Magazine  |  Directions and Contact Numbers  |