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Introduction to Glasshouse College

Glasshouse College was founded in September 2000 as a new educational centre within Ruskin Mill Educational Trust following the successful development of Ruskin Mill College. The Glasshouse College provides innovative and experiential education for young people with special learning needs and is being developed out of the inspiration of Rudolf Steiner, William Morris and John Ruskin. Based in a converted crystal glass factory in the glass making district of Stourbridge, the College is situated on the edge of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire countryside yet within easy reach of Birmingham’s cultural centre. The industrial heritage of the Black Country is being actively promoted and Glasshouse College, working in collaboration with the Ruskin Glass Centre, has established a range of high quality craft workshops with a visitor trail, a shop and café. Students follow their individual learning programmes in a context of commercial and artistic activity.

Each student has an individual programme enabing them to make the most of their potential. Social and interpersonal skills are developed through small intensive groups working together in craft workshops and on the land, group work in performing arts and one to one counselling and therapy sessions. Basic and continuing education, work experience and vocational training are available and courses are accredited by a wide range of national organisations. Students are able to progress to GCSE, NVQ or equivalent vocational qualifications both at Glasshouse College and local colleges.

The traditional crafts of the area are incorporated into the students’ programmes. These include: glassblowing and glass cutting, weaving, pottery, jewellery, stone carving, bronze casting, blacksmithing, photography, bike maintenance and printing.

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  Introduction  |  Map  |  A Short Tour  |  Run of the Mill Magazine  |  Directions and Contact Numbers