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Based at Ruskin Mill, the centre for cultural development was founded in 1984 by Aonghus and Alasdair Gordon to provide opportunities for social, cultural, artistic and educational projects inspired by the work of John Ruskin, William Morris and Rudolf Steiner. It was set up as a company limited by guarantee.*

Ruskin Mill initially attracted arts and craftspeople who set up independent workshops in the building. They also shared a vision of social and cultural renewal coupled with life-long learning.

As the redevelopment of Ruskin Mill progressed, the centre was instrumental in establishing the beginnings of the educational programme that later became the foundation for the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust. This programme enabled students to enter professional workshops and learn practical and social skills with craftspeople.

The centre is also the venue for public workshops and courses in various arts and crafts, and is in partnership with both the Nailsworth Community Arts programme and the Nailsworth Festival.

Ruskin Mill has an active cultural and social calendar of events (see Ruskin Mill events). This includes a range of acoustic and classical music by local, national and international artists, some of whom also provide workshops open to the general public. There are also lectures and presentations on topics that reflect the cutting edge of social, cultural, environmental, educational and spiritual issues of our time.

The gallery, open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, hosts high quality craft and fine art exhibitions throughout the year including an end of year student exhibition in August (see Ruskin Mill events).

Ruskin Mill Coffee Shop serves vegetarian lunches, coffee and cakes and is open to the public daily from 11 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Sunday inclusive. It is also open on Bank Holidays from 11 am to 4 pm for coffee and cakes.

For all events at Ruskin Mill click on Ruskin Mill Events on the main menu.

For directions and contact numbers click on Ruskin Mill College then select the Directions and Contact Numbers link.

*Ruskin Mill Ltd, Company Number 3108944

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Introduction  |  Margaret Docherty-Textiles |  Graham Dowding-Stained Glass | Ebb and Flow-Water Ecology  |  Sabrina Gordon-Jewellery  |  Alec Hole-Stained Glass  | Nailsworth Community Programme|

|Nathan Hughes -Ruskin Apothecary | The Framing Studio