Equality and Diversity

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Ruskin Mill Educational Trust’s Statement on Equality of Opportunity and Diversity


Ruskin Mill Educational Trust (known as the Trust) is fully committed to eliminating all forms of unfair discrimination in all of its activities, and in respect of all students, staff, visitors, contractors, volunteers and trustees and its governance arrangements and relationships with the wider community.

The Trust is committed to treating all people with dignity and respect equally, irrespective of race, ethnic origin, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability, age or political belief.

The Trust is aware of its particular legal responsibilities and obligations in respect of unfair and unlawful discrimination, in particular, relating to age, disability, race, gender, sexual orientation and religion or belief, and in respect of its duties under the Race Relations Act, the Sex Discrimination Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, the Employment Equality Regulations, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and the Equality Act, and as amended.

The Trustees have overall responsibility for equal opportunities and this is taken forward through the Trust Equality and Diversity Working Forum which reports directly to the Council of Management. The Council of Management will assess and monitor progress regularly through this forum and the Colleges’ Equality and Diversity Working Groups, and will publish the result as appropriate on an annual basis.  All policies and procedures, and action plans will be communicated to all concerned and will be publicly available, and the link to the Terms of Reference for the Colleges’ Equality and Diversity Working Groups can be found below.

The Council of Management delegates to the Trust Equality and Diversity Working Forum and to the Colleges’ Equality and Diversity Working Groups and appropriate senior post holders, the responsibility for the development and implementation of the necessary policies and procedures to put this statement into action.  All members of the Trust are responsible for adherence to this policy.

This statement was revised in April 2007 and will continue to be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure compliance with relevant statutory legislation. Any revisions necessary will be approved by the Council of Management.

To maintain the Trust’s inclusive approach to equal opportunities, the equality and diversity policies for staff and students were revised in April 2006 to incorporate race equality, in December 2006 to incorporate the Disability Equality Duty and in April 2007 to incorporate the Gender Equality Duty. To further strengthen the Trust’s commitment to the promotion of race, disability equality and gender equality and the elimination of all forms of racial, disability and gender discrimination, a separate Race Equality Policy has been developed, accompanied by a Race Equality Action Plan, a separate Disability Equality Scheme has been developed accompanied by a Disability Equality Action Plan and a separate Gender Equality Scheme has been developed accompanied by a Gender Equality Action Plan for each key functional area of the Trust.

If there are any comments or suggestions you would like to make on the Trust’s equality and diversity policies, procedures or practices, please contact Jeanette Withers on 01384 399423 or by email at jeanette.withers@ghc.rmet.org.uk



Equality and Diversity Policy and Procedure [pdf]

Colleges’ Equality and Diversity Working Groups – Terms of Reference [pdf]

Race Equality Policy [pdf]
Race Equality Action Plan [pdf]

Disability Equality Scheme [pdf]
Disability Equality Action Plan [pdf]

Gender Equality Scheme [pdf]
Gender Equality Action Plan [pdf]


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